Mother of Dragons

This year for Halloween, I was a mother of dragons.  No, I did not dress up as that character from Game of Thrones.   I don't watch GoT because I've already heard things way back when and I don't think I can handle the disturbing parts.  But I'm still a mother of dragons. And Mini Me designed a shirt for me to prove it.

If you follow my Instagram account, you already know that I made the Bookworm girls' costumes.  Little Lion convinced me to make her costume this year by saying "But, Mommy, your costumes are the best!"  I had already told her last year that I really didn't want to make one this year, especially as her Naida costume last year was challenging.  It wasn't perfect as I'm not a perfect sewer or crafter, but I'm still proud of how it turned out. 

You don't know who Naida is?  Well, that's because Little Lion likes to choose characters for whom you cannot BUY a costume for!  She's one of the Lego Elves.  See below.

Little Lion was inspired by her love for (OBSESSION) with the Wings of Fire series to be Tsunami, one of the Sea Wings. And when Mini Me saw the wings, she asked for some too.  I obliged, if only because I already found some awesome fabric.  :D  Little Lion wanted to have her wings light up like Sea Wings so we managed with some twinkle lights.  Apparently if you blink your lights in a certain way, you can say "Squid Brain" (perhaps using Morse code?).  While we didn't go quite that fancy, I'm pleased with how her costume turned out.  Mr. Bookworm helped me out with the snout because even though I was mostly done the weekend before, there was a lot of hand-sewing involved that took some time.  So even though it's very DIY, I say it was completely made with love.

Mini Me, on the other hand,  decided that her green scaly dragon is one of the Common Welsh Green dragons from the Harry Potter series.  And even though I complained about not having enough time to make their costumes, I can't wait to see what they come up with next year!


Side note: Little Lion's progression--Periwinkle (Tinkerbell's sister) from Secret of the Wings in PreK, Zita the Spacegirl in Kindergarten, Naida the Lego water elf in 1st grade, and Tsunami the SeaWing Dragon from Wings of Fire.

Tell Dr. Bookworm!

What did you dress up as for Halloween? What was your favorite costume that you saw?

I took my usual poll at work and was so excited to hear how creative and fun our families are.  If you'd like to send me your picture to post (or to share with just me, please do so here.

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