If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s REALLY hard for me to resist buying books. Even as our house is overflowing with them. Even as the holidays are approaching….

So when Little Lion and I were out Christmas shopping last weekend and I was fairly good at convincing her to put most things back on the shelf, when it came time to put back Dragonology by Ernest Drake and Dugald Steer, I was torn. We’d already purchased a bunch of gifts for Little Lion and she had a huge wish list. But—knowing me—I would have to come back and buy the book anyway. So we bought it.

And I don’t regret it.

Dragonology is the ultimate book for a dragon lover.

There are sections about how to research and befriend dragons, how to bring them back to a safe habitat, the skeletal and muscular structure of dragons, and—my favorite—dragon embryology, complete with stages!

There are also tactile parts to Dragonology. You can open up fun letters, feel various dragon scales, and use your very own dragon dust to summon a dragon. If you have enough room in your house for that, of course.

Little Lion’s book review:

I think Dragonology is a great book for fantasy lovers and mythical creature lovers like myself and is so smart because

  • (a) it has so much scientific information about dragons

  • (b) explains a whole lot about hatching, mating, etc

  • (c) is such a great magical story about dragon history and currency and yet it's like a real schoolbook on something more interesting,

  • (d) because it has detailed pictures like photos showing things like bone to muscle to blood and skin and the process of growing inside the egg and lastly,

  • (e) for the little pouches and envelopes with notes and spells and dragon scales and skin and even dragon dust, with the labels to explain.

    This amazing book shows the dragon language, life cycle, species, and so much more. It caught my eye in the bookstore Barnes & Noble and I am so glad we bought it and got to go through the fascinating adventure of reading Dragonology, and thanks to the book, I also got to ride through exploring on the back of the Draco Americanus Mex dragon or perhaps a Draco Marsupialis dragon, flying through.

BTW, in case you’re looking for more gift ideas, there is indeed also: Monsterology, Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin, Oceanology: The True Account of the Voyage of the Nautilus, The Dragonology Handbook, and a Dragonology Coloring Book. And, separate from the series, I just found Drawing Dragons by Sandra Staple, which touts that it will teach tricks and techniques to create your own dragons. Hmm. I need more bookshelves….

Tell Dr. Bookworm!

Is there a certain topic that your little can’t read enough about? There are some awesome non-fiction books out there, as well as some, well, ficitonalized non-fiction too. Let me know your suggestions in the comment section.

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