Seb and the Sun

Seb and the Sun

Borrowing from my sister's bookshelf: Seb and the Sun

I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of Jami Gigot's Seb and the Sun.  I love the cover illustration so much that I kept checking to make sure that I didn't miss the release date (March 2108).

In Seb and the Sun, we follow Seb and Walrus through their very specific coastal town and community.  And as we follow this close-knit community, Seb realizes that something is missing and he knows exactly how to go find it.  Gigot contrasts the brightness and darkness in her illustrations, creating a beautiful reflection of each other.

Gigot brings us not only on a journey of accomplishment, but also subtly shows the interconnectedness of the people surrounding Seb.

Though the story arc is completely different, these two characters remind me of one of our favorite books, Oliver Jeffers' Lost and Found. There's a journey on the sea, there's a human and an animal, and there is a self-discovery. In a tiny way, it also reminds me of The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles—maybe just with the inclusion of the bottles or the way one person can change his community.  But the spirit—the spirit of all three of these books and their main characters is undeniable. I love when something as simple as a picture book makes me change my way of thinking.

This copy is for my nephew, Gummy.  So I'm hoping that this counts as borrowing from my sister's bookshelf.  :D

Dear Gummy,

You can change the world. And capture joy to spread to others, just like Seb.

Love, Auntie Melanie

And now I want a honey sandwich with the crusts cut off!


Borrowing From My Sister's Bookshelf is an occasional series in which I borrow and review books from one of my sisters' bookshelves.  Kind of like borrowing their clothes like when we were younger, but more fun and they fit better.

Tell Dr. Bookworm!

Though I forgot to pre-order Seb and the Sun, I'm guilty of pre-ordering many books.  I think my last one was the graphic novel of the first Wings of Fire book for Little Lion, which coincidentally is the book I'm giving to Gummy's brother, E.

What book have you pre-ordered or ran out to buy on its release day because you just couldn't wait?

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