Printable Valentines

Printable Valentines

I’m a procrastinator in many ways, but I’m always insanely ready for Valentine’s Day as a mom. I think it’s because I’m a Target fan and I usually get the girls’ Valentine’s Day cards in early January so that we have the best pick. Same for Halloween treats, though as the girls get older, less kids pass them out since they will get a bunch of sweets during trick-or-treating. Mini Me stopped several years ago for Halloween, but I think she stealthily handed out some Valentine’s Day treats to her friends last year. It gets harder in middle school not to unintentionally leave someone out.

Long story short, this year I haven’t chosen cards for them yet! Well, that’s a lie…for the last several years, we’ve been making cards with the kits at Papersource. So Little Lion and I will go today to get her sloth ones (I’m typing this on Feb 10, so that’s late for me). [Edit: as you can see from the picture, we made it to Papersource. And (yay!) there were sloth cards still available.]

When Mini Me was in kindergarten, one of the moms told me on February 13 that she hadn’t purchased any cards yet. She didn’t grow up in the U.S and didn’t know it was a thing. Come the next day, she had a fabulous solution when she found that there were NO cards left at Target.

She and her daughter PRINTED cards at home and colored and decorated them! Brilliant!

So here is my round-up of a few fabulous free printables for you last minute bookworms. Or for those of you who prefer a little coloring project.

  1. Free to Be Kids: We love this clothing line and their messages on their shirts. I have their “Love is my superpower” shirt and I liken it to Anna’s mantra (from Frozen) to so many of my patients. So of course I love their free printable Valentine’s with a similar message. They’ve added a few more cool messages to their Valentine’s, and they even have a version that you can add to treat bags! Check out their cool shirts while you’re at it too! (Not an ad, I just like them.)

  2. It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of Jessie Sima and Not Quite Narwhal. Though I have not quite read her latest book, Love, Z, I’m sure that I’ll love it too because it has robots and a lot of heart. AND she currently has free printable Valentine’s featuring Z! Check here for the printables. I think I’ll print a few for my friends and mail them out snail mail style too. :D

  3. I follow a lot of creative moms on Instagram because I love being inspired by new projects, even if I don’t have enough time to do them all. One of them is Shannon at Oh Creative Day. Shannon has a lot of great ideas, and though this printable was not necessarily made for Valentine’s Day, I love the message “Just Do You”. Plus it has a heart, so it counts, right?

  4. Of course I HAD to include a bookmark version of Valentine’s Day cards too. Two in one! Frugal Momeh has bookmark Valentine’s that combine three of my favorite things: kawaii drawings, food, and puns! Check them out here.

Finally, you can also do the GREEN thing and dig up all your old extra Valentine’s Day cards from previous years to hand out. Or make them into a Valentine’s Day card wreath like I did last year, featuring The Cullens, of course.

P.S. Though I was ‘late’ in getting Little Lion’s cards this year, I pre-ordered ring pops and gummy bears to go with them. Plus I may or may not have pre-ordered special little book related gifts to give my girls this year. Nothing yet for my Valentine, though. :D

Dr. Bookworm wearing her “Love Is My Superpower” shirt from Free to Be Kids. See where Little Lion gets her smile? And how our eyes disappear when we smile?

Tell Dr. Bookworm!

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day cards that you’ve made? Which fictional character would you send a Valentine too? Let us know in the comments.

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