This Moose Belongs To Me and Kohls Cares

This Moose Belongs To Me and Kohls Cares

First off, this is not an ad. This is just about my love for books and stuffed animals. And community charities and non-profits.

But mostly this is about my love for MOOSE. One moose in particular, that may go by the name of Rodrigo or Marcel. Or another name we don’t know about. But he most certainly does not belong to me.

I might belong to him though.

Just like Wifred really belongs to the moose too.

[BTW, I also have a nostalgic love for the moose from Northern Exposure. You know, the 1990s television show with John Corbett set in Alaska. Yes, I know that John Corbett was not the main character in that series.]

Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorite picture book author-illustrators and This Moose Belongs to Me is one of my favorite picture books. So it may surprise you to find out that I didn’t own a copy of the book….until now.

I must have checked out this book at least 2-3 times from the library. And each time I fell in love with the moose a tiny bit more.

I mean, Wilfred is great too, but the moose—the moose with its funny stick legs and loyal-but-not-loyal personality—the moose is CLEARLY the star of the show.

So when I saw that Oliver Jeffers teamed up with Kohls Cares, I jumped on the opportunity to buy more of his books. I can’t refuse a book-related plush.

The moose plush has stick legs! Just like the illustrations. STICK LEGS.

And 100 % net profits go toward supporting community .

Listen, Oliver Jeffers includes some fabulous backgrounds (borrowed and otherwise) along with Wifred’s rules of moose-awareness that Moose follows, only when he chooses to. It’s a blending of wills, and a lovely friendship mixed up with the quirky charm and illustrations that Jeffers is known for.

Plus these books and plushes are a really good deal at five buck a pop! And the money is going to a fabulous causes.

I’m trying not to buy out the whole store. The penguin and rocket plush are for Monkey and Piggy (my nephew and niece) but mostly Monkey because he’s a fan of spaceships and penguins. Yes, I already got him/them Marcie Collin’s Penguinaut!, a brilliant combination of his two favorite things. The other books (and book-related plushes) available through Kohls Cares include Stuck, Lost and Found, How to Catch a Star, and two crayon spin-offs, The Crayons Book of Colors and The Crayons Book of Numbers.

So this Kohl Cares thing is a mutually beneficial campaign for both me and Kohls, and Jeffers.

And now This Moose Belongs to Me belongs to ME.

And the moose too.

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