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Long Way Down

There have been two school shootings since I started reading this book.  Two. 

And Long Way Down is a quick and easy read.  However....I put it down after the first school shooting which was by a 12-year-old.  Someone pretty much the same age as my Mini Me.

And then there was an even bigger shooting, more lives lost senselessly.

In Long Way Down, Jason Reynolds tackles gun violence in a different way—from the point of view of a teenage boy who feels as if he has no other choice but to avenge his brother's senseless death.  It makes sense....and it doesn't. 

Featured Fridays: First Book

Do you remember your first book?  I certainly don't.  I've read too many. 

I do remember going to the library and checking out stacks and stacks of books.  And my sisters teasing me by calling me a bookworm.  I wore that moniker proudly and I still do. 

Though I still love to go to the library, I love owning copies of my favorite books. 

This is where First Book comes in.

First Book is a non-profit organization that aids in distributing books to low income or at-risk communities.