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Featured Fridays: Caring Bridge

I posted a letter to Macy on my Caring Bridge site on her one year birthday.   At the time of my pregnancy with her, it was my lifeline to my supportive family and friends. 

I wanted to share what was going on with us, but I did not want to have to say my story over and over again.  So I did what I do best: I wrote about it.  I wrote and wrote, and so many people sent me messages of support, either on Caring Bridge itself, or by email, or in person.  Or even verbal messages through my sisters and parents. 

Special Delivery Book Anniversary and Selfish Holidays

Celebrating the 5 year book anniversary of Special Delivery:

What's Special Delivery?  It's a children's book that I wrote when Mini Me was two years old and I was pregnant with Macy, my daughter who lived only briefly.  One sleepless night I couldn't get these words out of my head as we were figuring out how to tell Mini Me that her sister was likely going to die. 

Eventually, for Macy's funeral, we had five  books printed at a local shop.  And then, in 2012, we received a grant from Sappi Ideas That Matter to have the book published so that we could distribute them to other families, free of cost. 

Fridays I'm in Love

On Fridays on my way to work, I see the same man walking toward the cemetery with a huge bunch of flowers.  I only see him if I go to work after dropping off the girls, but like clockwork, he is there with his fisherman's vest on, and that bright bundle of flowers. Every time I see him, I can't help but smile.  But it's a bittersweet smile.