Library Days: Overdue Books

Library Days: Overdue Books

I support my local library by not turning books in on time. Seriously. I rack up fines and will hold onto books if I’m not done reading them. (I held Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give for three extra weeks because I was still working on our read-along posts….good thing I have my own copy now. )

So I wasn’t all that surprised when Mr. Bookworm pulled out a battered board book copy of Too Purpley by Jean Reidy and illustrated by Genevieve Leloup from behind the entertainment center last week. Okay, maybe I was a bit surprised because though we own the picture book version, this was the board book version from the library. AAAAAAAnd, it’s about four or five years overdue.

Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that we paid for the book when we couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. I remember being annoyed at having to pay for such a beat-up board book Especially since LIttle Lion really wanted to borrow it even though we owned the picture book. Sigh.

On the other hand, it’s a great read. Like all board book adapations, It’s slightly different than the original. But the same charm and storyline are there. Too Purpley is all about a toddler/pre-schooler wanting things EXACTLY the way she wants them. Sound familiar?

Yes, it’s a repetitive refrain in our house. It’s not just about the perfect outfit (or food or outing), but it’s about learning to accept the fact that sometimes things don’t always go the way we think that they are going to go. I’m still learning this lesson, every day.

Due Dates

Our school librarian (luckily also a friend of mine) is usually very lenient with us. But I’m glad she gave me a true deadline. Little Lion and I checked out two books on the first day of school, both of which are part of our Battle of the Books competition. The BOB competition is for 4th and 5th graders at our school. The kids read all twenty books and then compete in a competition answering questions about the books. I try not to buy ALL the books because, let’s be real, we have too many books in our house. (No such thing you say? I would agree except for the fact that we live in a small house.)

So this time, she said, please return one of those books by Monday. Awesome. I need a true deadline like that. :D I’ll be on time this time because it’s for other kids’ benefit. The school library only has a certain number of each book and potentially 120 kids participating so of course we will limit our use. Or just return one and then check out another.

In reality, I’m the guilty late-library-book returner. I think since they don’t fine us at school, I might have to make a book donation in the near future. (Thank you C.M and B.P. for always understanding!)

In the meantime, I’ll keep supporting my local library. One overdue book at a time.

Tell Dr. Bookworm!

What’s the longest you’ve kept a library book? Have you had to pay to replace one before? Let me know in the comment section below.

A read-aloud of the board book version of Too Purpley by Jean Reidy and illustrated by Genevieve Leloup.

As a contrast, here is our very first read-along video, Bob Shea’s Dinosaur vs Bedtime, read by Little Lion at the very beginning of first grade. It has had over 7000 views in the last three years. In honor of this first video, Little Lion and I are putting together a separate read-along of Dinosaur vs. Mommy. It may include some embarrassing pictures of me that we staged. Let’s see if I’m brave enough to post it once we put it together.

A read-along of Bob Shea's Dinosaur Vs Bedtime. Read by Little Lion Bookworm, with some help from memorization of words--proving that learning your sight words helps. Notice her high-pitched voice for the character. And, yes, she is working on her R's in speech therapy.
Sky Color/International Dot Day 2019

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