Monster Boogie

It's not really fair for me to review this book.  Nope, it isn't.  You see, I LOVE Ben Clanton.  And I LOVE Laurie Berkner.  And "Monster Boogie" is among my all time favorites of her songs.  So I am destined to LOVE this book, right?

RIGHT!  I guess there could have been some sort of epic fail. But there isn't!

Monster Boogie as its re-incarnation of a picture book is such a pleasure to sing.  Yes, sing.  I couldn't help but sing the book the first time I read it to Little Lion because I know this song too well.  And I'm a bit tone deaf.

There's not a definite plot arc but there is a definite message that doesn't hit you over the head: why be scared of monsters when you can befriend them instead? Coincidentally, we just watched Monsters, Inc and though Little Lion was nervous to watch it (I can't believe she hasn't seen it before!), it has a similar message for little ones--monsters are just fears that we make up in our heads.  And, along with Laurie Berkner, we can choose to dance around with them instead. :D

Monster Boogie is a great picture book to read out loud to your little one. With just one warning below. Ben Clanton's illustrations are quirky and fun as always.  And I love the cute little kids he draws to accompany the monsters.

WARNING: Do not read or sing this book to your little one right before bedtime unless you want to rile them up.  I know they may be afraid of monsters under the bed.  But, literally,  my twin would wind Mini Me's toddler legs up right before bedtime.  And then proceed to wind her up via song and silliness and reading books.  It's hard to resist the toddler stage.

This book is out now, just released earlier this week.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Go get your Monster Boogie on!

[I received a preview copy of this book for an honest review-just wasn't able to post until now due to our recent holidays and jetlag.]

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