Soulmates and a Teacher's Legacy

Soulmates and a Teacher's Legacy

Do you remember the names of all your teachers? I don't remember all their names but I remember their important lessons. 

Mini Me and I had a discussion recently about soulmates and what it means. I remember one of my teachers talking to our class many times about relationships.  I may have mentioned before that I went to an all-girls high school.  It was a Catholic school so we were required to take a religion class every semester.  During our senior year, we had a class that was more about 'ethics' and the 'seven deadly sins'.  Looking back, I like to think to think of it as a Life Lessons class. 

At the time, I'm not sure I fully appreciated everything that Mrs. H shared with us.  But there are a few things that stick with me.

  • You don't need to settle for just any port in the storm.

  • What if there isn't a Mr. Right?  What if there is more than one?

This goes against the ROMANTIC in me.  I'd like to believe in SOULMATES.  For Mini Me, I paralleled the concept with Edward and Bella of Twilight, of course.  If Edward wasn't turned into a vampire in 1918, he would never have met Bella seventy some years later, right?  So maybe they're meant to be.  It was a rather simplistic explanation, but we were getting ready for school at the time. 

I also don't believe that Mr. Bookworm and I are soulmates.  We love each other and I love him more every day.  But we've also been together since we were eighteen years old and have been through a lot together.  Many ups and downs.  We are a team and we work hard to make this relationship work.  And no one knows me better than he does. 

Soulmates?  <shrugs shoulders>  Partners, definitely.  I wouldn't want to share this life with anyone else. Were we meant to be? The only reason I'd like to think so is for our three little girls.

So, Mrs. H, you'll be happy to hear that I shared your wisdom with my almost 12 year old, who was scoffing at the notion of soulmates.  She's an excellent blend of me and my husband--a dreamer, a writer, but also a scientist and a bit of a cynic. And I shared with her your concept of there being more than one Mr. Right out there for her.  Because it's okay if she falls in and out of love.  It's okay if she gets her heart broken (Eep!) because it will heal one day. And her life and her happiness doesn't depend on just one person.

Thank you, Mrs. H.  Wish I had listened to you when I was an emo teen. 




Tell Dr. Bookworm

What is an important lesson that one of your teachers impressed upon you?

Which literary couple would you have used as your OTP/Soulmate example?

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